Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under

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Samhain Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781599981154
ISBN-10: 1599981157
Genre: Paranormal
Release Date: July 18, 2006
Release Date (PRINT): April 11, 2006

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He found her six feet under and unearthed a passion beyond their wildest dreams.

Buried six feet deep is not what Private Investigator Charlene Madison, had expected when she agreed to meet an informant at New Orleans’ most famous cemetery. Neither was encountering the devil himself when Devin Leduc rescues her, only to imprison her in his arms. She can’t explain her attraction to him, especially once he reveals his secret.

After centuries of darkness, Devin has found his light. Charlene makes his body burn with desire, along with his temper when her penchant for justice and her stubborn nature lead her straight into danger.

Together they will unmask a killer and discover a love so fulfilling, nothing, not even death, will quench the flames of passion.