Kalina’s Discovery

Kalina's Discovery
Return to WonderlandBook 2
Ellora's Cave
ISBN-13: 9781419958489
ISBN-10: 1419958488
Genre: Fantasy BDSM
Release Date (PRINT): December 1, 2008

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Ellora's Cave
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Sorceress Kalina, a weretiger, has served kings and lords as long as she can remember. Her adult life revolved around sexual submission and BDSM, something that gave her great pleasure.

After serving the four kings of Tarok, Kalina has chosen to turn her back on the lifestyle and surprisingly enjoys her newfound freedom away from the demands of the court—that is until she meets Prince Eral. With Eral Kalina discovers things about herself that she never thought possible, and that she misses being a submissive. But love—she knows that is something that will never be in the cards for her.

Eral, a werefin, has always lived the carefree life of a prince with his brother Lawl serving Atlantis as king. But when Lawl is murdered, Eral must take on the responsibilities of the throne. He is determined to avenge his brother’s death by defeating the evil Sorcerer Balin.

Despite Kalina’s fear of the water and her fear of love, Eral is determined to bring her into his world and make her his, forever.