Feisty, Fiery and Flirty

Feisty, Fiery and Flirty
Whispering CoveBundle
Samhain Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781619230958
ISBN-10: 161923095X
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 9, 2015

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Summer flings can heat up fast—and disappear in a puff of mist.

“Feisty” by Mackenzie McKade

Devon is enjoying the first beach party of the season. Until he learns the redheaded beauty in a string bikini is the sister of a soon-to-be-married friend.

Sahara isn’t a woman to be ignored. She knows what she wants, and tonight it’s getting Devon out of his swimming trunks and into her bed.

“Fiery” by Nikki Duncan

Carmen loves her new life in Whispering Cove, but the man she’s been partnered with to re-design the town square gets her fired up—and not in a good way.

In Carmen, Ryan glimpses the life he has always longed for. Except they clash like oil and watercolor—and not only at work.

“Flirty” by Cathryn Fox

A ghosthunter checking out her fixer upper Victorian for “cold spots” has Alexis’s body temperature fluctuating.

Sam can’t help noticing how Alexis covers up her sexy body, just like she wants to cover up the house’s vintage beauty.

When scary noises send Alexis into Sam’s arms, she wonders if Sam will disappear like a ghost once the house is “clean”.

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Note for Readers: You must be of legal age in your country of origin to read this excerpt.

When his sister groaned, Devon dragged his eyes off the curvy redhead. “Sis, are you comfortable enough?”

“Comfortable?” She stretched out her bare, swollen legs. Hands propped behind her held her up in an awkward sitting position. “Look at me.” Her blue eyes grew misty. “I look and feel like a beached whale.”

The weariness on her face squeezed his heart. He prayed she didn’t start crying again. Tabby’s emotions rose and fell like a rollercoaster, which was unlike his spunky sister. When her chin began to quiver, Brody and Devon quickly scanned the area for Reece. These days Brody’s brother was the only one who could soothe her. Donal must have sensed her sorrow, because he stood and wrapped his arms around her neck. The innocent child’s show of sympathy toward Tabby was all that was needed to burst the dam and release the waterworks. As her tears fell, Devon dropped to his knees beside her. Lord, help him. Even growing up with three sisters, he had never gotten used to a woman’s tears.

“Where is he?” he spat, while patting Tabby softly on the back.

Donal’s eyes grew large before his began to fill with emotion. Brody pulled his son onto his lap. “Reece stopped to pick up some more beer and snacks.”

Devon attempted to hold his sister, but her extended belly got in the way, which only made her weep harder. “Shhh… It will be over soon.”

Of course, from what he had overheard Brody say to Reece the other day, it was just the beginning. Diapers. No sleep. And more tears from both baby and mother. Exactly why Devon swore to be a bachelor for the rest of his life.

When Donal jumped up out of his father’s lap and screamed, “Weece!” Devon looked skyward. Thank you, he mouthed.

Reece and Leo carried an ice chest between them. Sky strolled beside them with several bags of what looked like chips and an assortment of other things in her arms. The grin on Reece’s face as Donal ran toward him fell when he saw Tabby. He released his side of the ice chest and took off. Leo scrambled to support the ice chest before the contents spilled on the sand.

When Reece met up with Donal he swept him into his arms and continued onward. Setting Donal on the blanket, Reece pinned Devon with an incriminating glare. “What’s going on here?”

Devon raised his brows, flashing his brother-in-law a what-do-you-think look as he stood, allowing his best friend access.

Somehow Reece was able to maneuver around Tabby’s protruding belly and he pulled her into his arms. “What’s wrong, baby?”

She buried her face into his chest. “I’m ugly.” She sniffled. “And fat.”

Reece kissed the top of her head. “Darlin’, you’re the prettiest girl on this beach.” As he rubbed his cheek against her long, black hair, he continued to soothe her. “No one burns as bright or as sexy to me as the woman who cradles my baby inside her.” He nuzzled her ear. “Have I told you recently that I love you?”

A giggle broke through Tabby’s gasps. She raised her head and Reece stared into her eyes like he could eat her up in front of everyone.

So this was love?

Devon shook his head. Love wasn’t for him.

He had seen a change in Reece since he married Tabby. Usually after a job the two of them would hang out, have a beer, maybe chase a woman or two. Nowadays Reece acted like he couldn’t wait to get home, which left Devon alone. Not that he begrudged his sister, but he and Reece had been locked at the hip since kindergarten. The only time they had been separated was when Reece went to college. As soon as he returned to Whispering Cove, Devon had begun to work for him. Guess he always would.

Reece lowered his head and captured Tabby’s mouth. The long, slow kiss was poetic, but way too much for Devon. Soft laughter pulled his gaze back to the volleyball game.

Lord have mercy. God had truly been generous when he dished out sex appeal to the long-legged redhead. Slowly, he started toward her. Every red-blooded American male on the beach had his eyes focused on her as she moved across the sand. Something told Devon she knew exactly what she was doing. It was in the way she tossed her elbow-length hair behind her. The way she retrieved the volleyball in a slow, sensual dip that threatened to spill her full breasts right out of her string bikini.

When she pivoted and their eyes met his heart went ka-plump. But it was the drop-dead smile she flashed him as she tossed the ball to a teammate and headed his way that made his pulse take off as if it had entered a dead-heat race. Much to his surprise and disappointment, the gorgeous redhead winked, but strolled right passed him. He spun around only to see her walk right into Leo Caan’s arms.

Something inside Devon died. Sahara Caan…Leo’s sister.

Dammit. One thing Devon didn’t do was a friend’s sister. He remembered when he discovered Tabby and Reece had been intimately involved. That day he’d almost lost a life-long friend and a sister. After a moment he squared his shoulders and approached them.

As he drew nearer, Devon offered her his hand. “This must be Sahara.” When her silky skin met his, a jolt of electricity zinged through him. He jerked away. After he realized what he’d done, heat crawled up his neck. His embarrassment was met with soft laughter. He wasn’t sure whether she was laughing at him or she’d felt the same flow of sensation still burning inside him.

Leo’s brows pulled together as he glanced from Devon to Sahara. “This is Devon Taylor, Tabby’s brother.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Devon.”

The sensual way she spoke his name felt like a summer night breeze stroking across his heated body. “The pleasure is mine.”

Pleasure was exactly what was on his mind when his gaze drifted to the thin string that ran between the small scraps of material cradling her breasts. With one tug he could have her bared and in his hands.

His groin tightened. Well crap.

Devon shifted his feet, doubting his change in position hid his growing interest. The sexy way she slid her tongue across her bottom lip didn’t help as the subtle move directed his attention to her full lips. He forced his gaze upward, knowing immediately it was the wrong move when their eyes met. She had the prettiest screw-me eyes he had ever seen. From the corner of his vision he saw Leo frown.

God help me.

Devon couldn’t remember who spoke last or if there was an unanswered question hanging in the gentle breeze. “Uhm… Leo tells me you’re here to help with their wedding.” Where he found his tongue he didn’t know, but he was thankful, until Sahara began to speak.

“Yes, but I also wanted to see for myself what it was about this town that has my brother mesmerized.”

With each slow, seductive word Devon felt as if she began to weave a spell around him. It got worse when she stroked him from head to toe and back again with a sexy sweep of her gaze, which ignited every nerve ending in his body.

She inhaled, raising her delectable breasts as she added, “I think I’ve discovered the allure.”

Whoa! Wait a minute! Did Leo’s sister just hit on him?

Sahara lowered long, thick lashes and peered up through them at him. “Maybe you could show me around town tonight?”

Yep. The hot, gorgeous woman was hitting on him.

Leo chuckled. “Sis, you might as well have ‘I’m new in town’ stamped on your forehead. The first beach party of the season in Whispering Cove is an all day-all night affair.”

Devon cleared his now parched throat. Now why did the word affair bring to mind her perfect golden body lying against white silk sheets—lying against him? When his vision smiled up at him again, he mentally shook his head in an attempt to dismiss his wayward thoughts. “Of course, the evening is for all the diehard partiers.” He attempted a laugh, but it came out a little weak.

“I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.” She cocked her head and nibbled lightly on her bottom lip, clearly expecting Devon to respond.

“Tomorrow? Uhm. Well. I have to meet a client.” It wasn’t a lie.

Devon had promised Reece he’d speak with Alexis Miller, the woman who had purchased Ol’ Lady Landry’s home. She planned on modernizing the old Victorian house. But it was a heritage home and without permits, she couldn’t move forward, and he seriously doubted she’d get them with the changes she had in mind. Reece was a licensed preservation contractor, the only one in town, if she chose to change her mind and restore it to its original condition. Even if she decided to preserve the place, and wanted to hire them, they were keeping their schedule light in case Tabby went into labor. This was a courtesy meeting. He could move the time to earlier in the morning, and Lord knew he wanted to, but this was the perfect excuse to gracefully bow out of hanging with Sahara. There was something about this woman that messed with his mind—made his body go haywire. He didn’t need this.

“Hey, Red? Are you going to play?” Cordell Farr hollered. The local veterinarian, who worked with Jacob Collins, struck the volleyball and it flew over the net.

Sahara turned her dreamy screw-me eyes to Devon. “Do you play?”

It was difficult for Devon not to read things into what she said, but it was the sexy way she said it that had his heart beating a little faster. Then there was the way she drank him up with one look, sending his mind reeling. He tipped his head from left to right, listening to his tight muscles and tendons crackle and pop.

“Sure.” He kicked his sandals off and reached for the hem of his T-shirt.