Fallon’s Revenge

Fallon's Revenge

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Samhain Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781599983400
ISBN-10: 15999834011
Genre: Paranormal
Release Date: September 26, 2006

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Vengeance is what she sought…eternal love is what she found.

Young and inexperienced, Fallon McGregor is an immortal with one thing on her mind. Revenge. She’ll do anything to destroy the demon that killed her daughter and made Fallon his flesh and blood slave. One step ahead of her tormentor, she knows her luck is running out. She needs to discover the mysteries of the dark—and fast. When she meets Adrian Trask she gets more than she bargains for in tight jeans and a Stetson.

Adrian will share his ancient blood and knowledge with Fallon, but he wants something in return…her heart and her promise to stay with him forever.

But Fallon doesn’t have forever. Once her nemesis is destroyed she will seek her own death. Tormented, she must choose between a promise made and the love of one man.