Echoes From Heaven

Echoes from Heaven
A Mackenzie McKade Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: June 2012

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An angel in his bed… A devil in her arms.

Celena, a Christmas angel, has been given the devil of an assignment—to teach Lon Townsend how to love again. But the man is bad to the bone—a playboy to the nth degree—with no desire to change his wicked ways. Not to mention he makes her incorporeal body burn with desire, which is wrong on so many levels.

The redheaded beauty in Lon’s bed is surely the Christmas present his friends promised. When she explains she’s been sent down from Heaven to find him a mate, he knows she must be a fantastic actress or certifiably insane, but she’s the sexiest little nut he’s ever seen. He can’t keep his mind or hands off her.


Note for Readers: You must be of legal age in your country of origin to read this excerpt.

As CEO of a major investment firm, he should be on the top of the world. Instead he felt something vital missing in his life.

He was good at what he did, but it always seemed he was cleaning up other people’s messes.

Pellets of hot water beat against his tense shoulders. He placed his palm against the marble surface in front of him, bowed his head and let the soothing rhythm wash away the tightness in his muscles.

This was his second adventure in four years.

A heavy sigh rose as he lathered his hair. David and John, his racquetball and drinking buddies, had theories as to why Lon was restless.

David ventured that Lon enjoyed the challenge, seeking bigger and better scores.

John’s answer to everything was Lon needed to get laid.

Not a problem in that field.

He’d always been able to attract women. Finding one he wanted to hold on to for more than a night was the issue. In his youth he’d been burned a couple times, so he was skittish when it came to commitment. But it didn’t stop him from working, and working hard, to find the right woman.

A grin tipped his lips upward when he thought of Debbie. Last night’s brunette had been one hot tumble.

Finishing up in the shower, he opened the door and retrieved a towel. With several rapid movements he ran the cloth through his hair, before he circled it around his hips and secured it. He snatched his deodorant from the counter. One arm held high, he stopped midway when he heard, “Oh my!” The breathy female cry made him place the deodorant back on the sink. He reached for the doorknob. After inching the door wider, he looked into his bedroom to see the most intriguing sight.

A fiery redhead was propped against his satin pillows. Long, spiral curls framed the softest ivory face he’d ever seen. Her big, blue eyes widened as she stared at her hand held before her. Fingers splayed, a twist of her wrist from back to palm, she examined it as if she’d never seen it before. Then she reached up with her other hand and smoothed a path up her arm.

She cupped both palms to her cheeks. “I’m real.” Her gasp held a hint of panic that immediately morphed to a flow of melodious laughter. Her hands moved down her slender neck as if feeling the silky skin for the first time. “I’m so soft.” The innocence in her voice was amusing. Convincingly, she played the part, even releasing a squeal when her hand brushed a perky nipple barely hidden beneath the sheer gown she wore. A shudder visibly shook her body, causing her full lips to part and her eyelids to close.

She was a damn good actress. Still, Lon’s interest shot from zero to ten in a heartbeat. The pulse inside his cock jumped. He hardened instantly.

His friends had outdone themselves this time. John and Dave had said they had a special Christmas present for him, but Lon hadn’t expected it to be an angel in his bed. No wings, but a soft, white glow surrounded her in a halo effect.

His friends were electronic wizards. Lon didn’t know how the hell they got into his house, but he’d have to compliment them on their special effects and his special gift next time he saw them.

Christmas had come early for Lon Townsend.

Their timing was impeccable. He’d taken the next three weeks off for Christmas vacation. This was a great way to begin the holidays.

His hold on the doorknob tightened as she continued to take inventory of her personal assets. She seemed particularly intrigued with her breasts and the small patch of curly red hair at the apex of her thighs, as she dragged the gauzy see-through gown up her legs to take a look.

When her finger slipped inside her, she threw back her head and cried out.

Silently, so did he. In fact, he almost swallowed his friggin’ tongue when she splayed her legs wide.

Lon had watched many women seek their own pleasure, but the one before him was like a decadent piece of white chocolate—sweet, with all the sin removed. Every naïve discovery she made, from her shocked and then pleased expressions to her soft cries, appeared genuine to him. And she did all this without giving him the hint that she knew he was present. Not once did she glance up to see if he was watching.

Actress or not, he had the incredible need to taste her. He stepped beyond the door and entered the bedroom. “Find something interesting down there, angel?”