Destiny’s Touch

Destiny's Touch
A Mackenzie McKade Novel
Genre: Paranormal
Release Date: May 2012

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Gabe never believed in reincarnation until he found an 1864 photograph that haunts him. The woman in the photo inflames his desire, because she looks exactly like Alexis, the woman he’s been coveting all year. And the man beside her? It’s himself.

Gabe knows they’re destined to be together, but Alexis insists on keeping things professional. Yet the heat between these colleagues is almost impossible to withstand.

Only when he entices her to the mysterious red mountains of Sedona does the tantalizing barrier shatter. One minute Alexis is defying her irresistible boss, the next, she’s spiraling through time, through tumultuous “love lessons” with a highlander, a British commodore and a Union soldier. Can she return to the man she’s destined for? And will Gabe be waiting if she does?


Note for Readers: You must be of legal age in your country of origin to read this excerpt.

She should have never accepted his invitation for a sightseeing trip after their business meeting in Phoenix. This hike was her second mistake. She had been confident—no, make that cocky—about tackling the course to Cathedral Rock. Right now she wasn’t too sure. Her heart was racing. Exertion? Or the fact that Gabe was half-dressed. Boots, shorts and a muscle shirt that accentuated his broad chest and bulging biceps, he was six-foot-two of male attitude and appeal.

Gabe glanced over his shoulder to flash a heart-stopping smile. A silky wave of his ebony hair draped over one blue eye. Man, what she’d do to run her fingers through all that hair.

“You okay?” His sexy, deep voice played havoc with her senses. She could imagine his mouth pressed against her ear whispering the most sinful things—peeling her clothes off piece by piece, taking her down upon the ground and making passionate love to her.

Alexis inhaled a shaky breath as the pull of electricity in her breasts drew her nipples into taut beads. Yep. Trouble with a big ‘T”. She returned his smile, but hers felt forced, strained. “Good to go.” But she was far from good. She wanted this man, but she wanted her career more.

So what if exploring the mountains, canyons and streams of this historic place in Arizona was an opportunity of a lifetime? This New York gal had to safeguard her career. Her goal was to go from Marketing Director to VP of Operations in five years at Titan, a software company located in Manhattan. A casual affair could ruin everything she’d worked for, especially one with the man she hoped to replace someday.

“You know this is a sacred place?” Gabe stood on a plateau, bending over to offer her his hand. “It’s thought to be a location for a combination-vortex used to turbo-boost spiritual and meditation skills.”

“Hmmm…” She faked interest, while thinking, yeah. Right.

Her fingers closed around his, his grip firm and warm as he drew her over the ledge and to his side. The minute they touched, her heart did a somersault. What would happen if he held her—kissed her? She tried to focus on his next words instead of how right it felt to be near him. “I’m glad you agreed to come here with me.” He didn’t release her hand. Instead he pulled her nearer to face him.

Close. Too close.

Alexis inhaled a whiff of his cologne, a mixture of bergamot, citrus and pine, with a hint of sandalwood and vanilla. Of course, she couldn’t forget the slight tinge of perspiration and masculinity. She had a good nose for scents. Her stinging nipples and the moisture pooling between her thighs were other indicators that he smelled good—too damn good.

A step backward only caused him to follow her lead. “We’re not going to have a problem here, are we?” she asked, placing her hand against his chest.

Bad move.

Muscle rippled beneath her palm. His eyes heated with something she didn’t want to recognize but did—desire. God, she hoped he couldn’t detect the same in her. It was getting harder and harder to mask her feelings, hold onto her beliefs.

“You promised a small excursion of discovery.” Uh…that didn’t come out right. She jerked her hand off his chest and tried to recover her fingers trapped in his. Alex knew she reacted too quickly when he raised a brow, a hint of a smile rose before he released her.

“Nothing will happen that you don’t want.” The sensual stroke of his voice and the way his eyelids lowered didn’t foster confidence in his words. He was baiting a trap, his body the lure, just waiting for her to fall into it. She swayed as if her equilibrium was testing her.

Alexis wet her now parched lips. “Good.”

Another wrong move.

His gaze narrowed on her mouth. A hunger filling his eyes that made her want to reach out to him. What would it be like to caress his soft lips with hers, to taste and savor? Damned if nervous energy didn’t force her tongue over her bottom lip again.

He leaned forward and for a second she thought he’d kiss her. A moment of indecision warred inside her. Should she—shouldn’t she?