Dead Awakening

Dead Awakening
A Mackenzie McKade Novel
Genre: Paranormal
Release Date: May 30, 2012

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Danger is heading Annie’s way. The faceless man haunting her dreams is a portent. Is it her devious stepfather who wants to enslave her, or the tall, dark stranger who sweeps into her life, unleashing an erotic inferno that sears them both? Lust, fear and desire make a volatile combination as she tries to fight one man’s dangerous seductive charm, while keeping a step ahead of another.

Etienne is an immortal marked for death, but destiny has other plans when he stumbles across a gypsy who reads his Tarot cards. Instead, she awakens his heart—a fate he thought impossible. He is all that stands between her and a hell on earth. She is his last chance at love. Until she discovers his true identity.


Note for Readers: You must be of legal age in your country of origin to read this excerpt.

Where the premonition came from Annie didn’t know. The faceless man who taunted her dreams each night she hadn’t yet recognized. She had always been sensitive to forces beyond the physical world. Yet, her spirit guide had been vague at best. The female entity was fickle, never showing up when Annie felt she needed guidance.

The medium’s presence had appeared when Annie was ten. Annie’s mother, Laurie, had nicknamed the medium Velia from the Italian name meaning concealed. It was a disturbing time in Annie’s life, until Laurie revealed a long list of women with exceptional gifts in their family. Laurie wasn’t one of them, though at times she swore she felt some stirring deep inside her. So if this was normal, then why had Annie felt so lonely and isolated from those around her?

The whirlwind died almost as quickly as it had began, the last of its turbulence brushed against her skirt and teased the fallen tendrils torn away from her long russet hair, curled and pinned upon her head. She gripped her shawl tighter around her shoulders and looked toward the ribbons of orange and gold in the western sky announcing the setting sun. Anxiety skittered up her backbone.

His presence was stronger, closer than it had been the night before. How soon would he find her?

Maybe it was time to hit the road before whoever beckoned her succeeded in finding her. She released a heavy sigh and turned back to her little cottage.

Damn, she was tired of running.

Annie tipped her chin up and inhaled. The scent of mesquite and scrub brush was overwhelmed by the lingering smells of roasted turkey legs, corn, pizza and a conglomeration of other foods. Her stomach released a deep growl, reminding her she hadn’t eaten since that morning.

A mixture of fear and dread raced through her veins, making the hair on her arms rise. The energy force that taunted her was stronger this time, more personal, which couldn’t bode well for her.

Had her stepfather finally found her?

She shivered at the thought. A mean sonofabitch, he wanted to use her gifts for his own benefit, as well as her body. A self-proclaimed minister, Clyde Drexel had gone from praying for her wicked soul to groping since her mother’s death. After his last attempt to molest Annie, she had locked herself in the bathroom until he had passed out from too much alcohol. Then she packed what little she owned, cleaned out his wallet and escaped through a window. That was two years ago.

But that hadn’t stopped the bastard. He had been relentless in following her from city to city. The last time she had seen him was in Tennessee. It had been a nasty scene. She threatened him with the police. He had threatened her with jail. Her mother’s jewelry was missing and there was the money she had taken from him. Add to that the bump she gave him on the head to make her second escape and she knew there was nothing else she could do but run.

Annie had made it clear to Arizona with no sight of him. Maybe he had given up.

Strangely there was something about the indescribable energy that made her feel like it wasn’t Clyde who sought her. The individual who haunted her dreams was powerful—one who would make her transcend her beliefs and walk blindly into the unknown.

Oh goody. That’s all she needed. The unknown wasn’t something she relished.