December 14, 2011

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Title: Tingle All The Way
Series: None
Book Length: Novella

Book Type: eBook
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419938375
MSRP/List Price: $5.60
EC Cover Price: $4.45

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Can Christmas magic be found with the help of one very irritating little wood faery?

High-profile attorney Kayla Jones thinks she just might be losing her mind when Hector, a mischievous wood faery, appears before her. Are the martinis to blame? Or has her loneliness pushed her over the edge? And if her subconscious must create an imaginary man for the holidays, why can’t it be the good-looking prosecutor who visits her nightly dreams?

When Barry Allred offers to take Kayla home from the bar, he doesn’t expect her to pass out in him arms, leaving him no alternative except to take her to his home. But more surprises await him…

When the beauty awakens the next morning, she’s under the impression that they not only had sex, but that she inadvertently revealed to him her deepest, darkest BDSM and ménage fantasies. He can’t figure out how she came to this misunderstanding… But he is definitely the man to make all her fantasies come true.


Kayla opened her eyes. “Where am I?” Glancing around the strange bedroom, she began to reconstruct her evening.

Courtroom and win.

A couple of assholes ruining her day.

O’Malley’s, a faery, and too many martinis.

That was it! She’d been at O’Malley’s celebrating and getting her drink on, or was she crying in her drink?

“So how did I get here? What happened?” she whispered to herself.

“Bow chica bow wow.”

Her startled gaze snapped in the direction of the randy reply.

Lo and behold, her imaginary faery lay on his side in the middle of a big fluffy pillow next to her. Hector’s right elbow was bent. His palm supported his head as he stared at her with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

“You turned his world inside out.”

Oh, thank goodness. If her apparition still existed, Kayla knew she wasn’t awake, or maybe that she wasn’t sober. Yet by the throb in her head, it sure felt as if she suffered from a hangover. She had dry mouth, an explosive stomach, and the last remnant of beer-goggles blurring her vision. The good news was that wherever she was or whatever she did really didn’t matter. It was only her imagination.

Still, she had to ask. “His? Who?”

Hector rolled on to his back, kicking his legs and flailing his arms. “Oh, Barry, do it to me. Harder. Faster.”

Kayla chuckled at the silly exhibition. “Barry Allred?”

It must have been her subconscious revealing the fact she’d give her eyeteeth to have one night with him. And then her laughter died a quick death as more of the evening’s events began to flood her memories. She recalled seeing him sitting at the bar with another man at O’Malley’s.

Had they spoken?

“Nah. It’s impossible.”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

They had spoken. The scene of him standing beside her car tore through her memory. Red-hot embarrassment scorched her face. Panic tightened her chest. “I didn’t. We couldn’t have.”

“Oh yeah. It’s possible and you did.” Hector fanned himself with his hand. “Turned that man’s world upside down. Asked him to tie you up and spank you.”

Kayla swallowed hard.

No. No. No.

She would never have lived out one of her fantasies, much less spoken about it, to a stranger. Just the thought mortified her. Then again, if this was a dream, what did it matter? She leaned back against the softness of the pillow and blew out a breath of relief. It had to be a dream—faeries weren’t real.

“But the one that got me hot and bothered.” Hector sat up on the pillow with his tiny legs splayed wide. Before he continued to speak, he leaned forward and placed his elbows on the downy softness, his palms cradling his cheeks. “Was when you told him about your fantasy to have two men at once.”

Kayla gasped on a new chunk of humiliation.

“I didn’t,” she shrieked. “I would never reveal that dark secret to anyone.” Especially Barry, a man she debated with across tables…and then there was that thing between her and his father.

Dammit. She kept forgetting this was a dream. Any minute now she’d awake in her bed and everything would be as it should be.

Hector stood, stretching his wings and bending his legs before he lunged forward. In a flash, he was soaring around the room, a trail of dark-green dust following him. When he landed on the tip of her nose, she raised a hand to swat him.

“Ah-ah-ah.” He began to pull something from his pocket.

As magic—or insanity—would have it, the item just kept coming. The long, thin staff was obviously longer then the shallow pocket housing it.

“If you were dreaming, do you think you’d feel this?” Hector stabbed the thing into her nose.

Kayla jumped. Her eyes crisscrossed as she glared at the three-inch man now hovering just above her nose. At a closer look, the stick he held appeared to be a pine needle, and he had it pointed at her.

“En garde!” He placed a hand behind his back and jabbed the damn thing at her, over and over.

This time she swiftly brushed her hand through the air, missing him when he darted aside, leaving a trail of bright, angry, red glitter in his wake.

“Who are you?” she growled.

“I’m your Christmas faery. I’m here to bring you holiday cheer.”

“Holiday cheer? Are you kidding me? What you’ve done is make me question my sanity. I must be going out of my friggin’—”

“Shhh…” Hector said as he flew straight at her. On his way, he retrieved that errant lock of hair that continually insisted on coming free from her bun. A wisp of air fanned her face as he swept the blonde strand back, pinning it and him in her hair as if he were a barrette.

Before she could reach up and dislodge the irritating little man, the bathroom door opened and Barry strolled out. Naked. Well, except for the towel wrapped low around his hips.

“You’re awake.”

The prosecutor had a beautiful smile and deep dimples that sent tingles up her spine. His wet black hair was swept back in a finger-combed kind of way. But it was his bare chest—broad and muscular—that caught her eye and held her in awe.

The man really was a magnificent specimen. Although it was clear he had shaved, a shadow still remained on his jaw. His eyes were dark blue, hiding a hint of brooding and mystery.

The reality of the moment crawled across her skin. “Are you real?” she asked hesitantly.

“I like to think I am,” he grinned.

Holy shit!

A sinking feeling made her want to die. This wasn’t a dream. Barry Allred stood before her while she lay on what appeared to be his bed. And as much as she hated to admit it, she was losing her mind. Hector must be her version of Jiminy Cricket, her subconscious taking form. But even that explanation made her ill.

Barry took a step in her direction. “You feeling okay?”

Kayla licked dry lips. “Uh. Yes.” She sounded as if she had a mouthful of cotton. Not to mention her stomach felt as if an atom bomb had exploded inside it. And to top it off, she was going stark-raving mad.

“Exciting night.” He chortled and moved closer.

The fresh scent of soap and a woodsy cologne touched her nose. She inhaled slowly before nearly choking on the memory of what Hector had told her. Sex with Barry. Her cheeks heated and she could only imagine the color in her face rising.

“Ohmygod. I don’t know what to say.”

“Good morning,” he suggested. “Are you hungry?”

Hungry? Was he kidding? Kayla had just made the biggest mistake in her career and he was thinking of food. So like a man.

“I don’t think I could eat a bite.” At least that was the truth. Just the thought of food made her stomach roll.

“Then how about some coffee? I could make you a Bloody Mary, it might help.”

“No. I think perhaps I should just go home.” And bury her head in the sand, because if Barry wanted paybacks for what she’d done to his father, spilling the beans of their night together would be perfect retribution. Her stomach pitched and it wasn’t from the alcohol. She had to get out of here.

Kayla threw back the covers, remembering too late her state of undress. What the hell. According to her three-inch subconscious, Barry had seen far more of her than her bra and thong.

As she wiggled into her skirt, fastening the back, she chanced a look in Barry’s direction. He was staring at her. His eyelids gaped and, judging by the tent in the towel, he was aroused.

Talk about wanting to kick herself—the one time she goes out on a limb and screws the man of her dreams and she can’t remember a damn thing. Her gaze stroked his chest once more. What a shame.

Slipping her arms into her white silk shirt, she fastened the third button and then paused. “Uh. Barry, I trust that what we did last night and the things I revealed won’t go beyond this room.”

His brows dipped. “What we did last night?” His expression turned heated and he smiled. “Maybe you should tell me exactly what you don’t want me to reveal?”

Damn him. Of course he would want her to spell it out and go through that embarrassment once again. Paybacks were a bitch. Okay. If he wanted to play games she had no alternative except to go along, but she wasn’t happy about it.

“The sex. Tying me up. The spankings. And,” she bit her bottom lip, “the thing about me fantasizing about multiple partners. You know I was just joking, pulling your leg.”

Barry coughed several times. His face turned beet-red and it looked as if he were choking.

For a moment she thought of running over and slapping him on the back, helping him. Instead she stayed put. Maybe he would choke to death, and then she wouldn’t have to worry about everyone at the office and in the court system knowing her deepest, darkest secrets.

But when he continued to cough, she asked, “You okay?”

Clearing his lungs, he took a deep breath. “Yeah, I think I am.” He stepped closer. “So let me get this straight. No one is to know we had sex last night. That I tied you up and spanked you. And by no means that you fantasize about being taken by two men at once?”

“Is that too much to ask? I mean, it might gain you stud status, but it would destroy my credibility.” Not to mention Dan and Tom would have a field day with the information.

“Miss Jones—”

“I think after all that has happened you should probably call me Kayla.”

“Kayla—” He hesitated.

Kayla wasn’t sure, but it appeared that he was fighting another grin, because the dimples in his cheeks deepened.

“I’m not completely sure how to tell you this, Kayla, but nothing happened last night.”

“Excuse me?” Her voice pitched high as her eyelids rose so quickly she swore they touched her eyebrows.

“Honey, I wish I could say differently, but much to my dismay there was no sex, no ropes or handcuffs, and no naughty spankings.” Then he did smile. “However, I wouldn’t mind making all your fantasies come true.”

Before Kayla gave thought to her actions, she growled, “When I get my hands on you, I’ll pluck your wings off one at a time. I swear I will.” She realized too late what this might look like to Barry, but someone had set her up.

Concern darkened his eyes. “Kayla, maybe you should sit down.”

“Sit down?” Furious, she pinned her narrowed gaze on him. “Did your dad put you up to this? Who told you about my fantasies?”


Don’t miss another of Hector’s adventures.

Title: A Very Faery Christmas
Series: White Hot Holidays
Book Type: eBook
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419904745
MSRP/List Price: $1.49
EC Cover Price: $0.99

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BLURB: Christmas and faeries and floggers…oh, my!

When a mischievous wood faery pops out of her newly purchased Christmas tree, Candice Lowry knows this Christmas will be…special. Under the bossy faery’s guidance, Candice gets a makeover and learns the power of her own sexuality. Maybe now she can attract her handsome new neighbor…

Gordon Nash can’t believe the transformation in Candice. Already intrigued by his shy, mousy neighbor, Gordon is captivated by her sexy new look. And when a book on BDSM falls from her bag, he knows that she is perfect for him.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

December 9, 2011

This month seems to be a month of writing, edits, book covers and releases.

Christmas Showdown released the first week of December and readers seem to loving the first story in the Burstyn Blue series. Yay!!! Available now at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.

BLURB: Kelly McMaster’s first and last one nightstand left her with a child and no idea how to find her son’s father—the man whose touch and kiss has her still wanting more. Now, after almost two years, she’s settled in a new city with a new job… One that has a gun pointed at her head.

When Trey Burstyn answers the bank robbery in process call, the last thing he expects to discover is the woman who left an impression on him one snowy night in Denver. He’s ready to rekindle the fire, but she’s resistant. Then the reason walks through the door.

Anger. Betrayal. Regrets. All fades when Trey realizes he’s as much to blame for the situation, but that ends now. When he insists Kelly and TJ, their son, move in with him, she balks.

Kelly is determined to do things on her own, yet the life Trey offers on the Burstyn ranch is a far cry better than her shoddy condominium. He argues he’s in it for the long run, but perhaps a trial run over the holidays will help him realize that parenting isn’t for him.

Will their differences tear them apart… or will they find Christmas magic in each other’s arms?


Next week, December 14, 2011, Tingle All The Way will be published by Ellora’s Cave.

BLURB: Can Christmas magic be found with the help of one very irritating little wood faery?

High-profile attorney Kayla Jones thinks she just might be losing her mind when Hector, a mischievous wood faery, appears before her. Are the martinis to blame? Or has her loneliness pushed her over the edge? And if her subconscious must create an imaginary man for the holidays, why can’t it be the good-looking prosecutor who visits her nightly dreams?

When Barry Allred offers to take Kayla home from the bar, he doesn’t expect her to pass out in him arms, leaving him no alternative except to take her to his home. But more surprises await him…

When the beauty awakens the next morning, she’s under the impression that they not only had sex, but that she inadvertently revealed to him her deepest, darkest BDSM and ménage fantasies. He can’t figure out how she came to this misunderstanding… But he is definitely the man to make all her fantasies come true.


I’m currently working on Irresistible’s edits, which will release March 27, 2012 at Samhain Publishing.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I can’t forget Bound by a Secret, third book in the Ties that Bind series. I have four chapters written of Clancy’s story. And here is a special gift from me to you – Samhain Publishing is giving Bound for the Holidays, the first book in the Ties that Bind series free December 2nd through the 14th in Kindle (Amazon) and Nook (B&N) formats. Don’t miss this special offer and while you’re at it pick up Bound by the Past and get your first glimpse of Clancy in action. <g>

Other projects include submitting Bold…in Whispering Cove, the second series of stories set in Whispering Cove, Maine. Burned, Bold, and Brazen written by Nikki Duncan, Cathryn Fox, and me will release June 2012. In the meantime, we are preparing a synopsis for the next proposed anthology, Silk, Stockings, and Serenades to be released December 2012. Did you know that until December 28th, all three books in the Wild, Wet, and Wicked anthology has been reduced to $.99 each for Christmas? Hurry now and get the first series of stories all for under $3.00.


As you’re jumpin’ around on the internet, join me in the Loveswept Holiday Hop @ . Check all the great sites/blogs and have fun during this wonderful season.


Merry Christmas!

Mackenzie McKade

New Release!

December 3, 2011


I am so thrilled to announce that CHRISTMAS SHOWDOWN, the first book in a new erotic romance western series, is available at  Amazon (, Smashwords (, All Romance Ebooks (, and tomorrow at Barnes and Noble.

I love Christmas stories and hope you will enjoy Kelly and Trey’s story. Here is a blurb and excerpt:

Enjoy this excerpt from CHRISTMAS SHOWDOW

Copyright © 2011 Mackenzie McKade – All rights reserved

TAG: One perfect night can bring two people together… Or tear them apart.

BLURB: Kelly McMaster’s first and last one nightstand left her with a child and no idea how to find her son’s father—the man whose touch and kiss has her still wanting more. Now, after almost two years, she’s settled in a new city with a new job… One that has a gun pointed at her head.

When Trey Burstyn answers the bank robbery in process call, the last thing he expects to discover is the woman who left an impression on him one snowy night in Denver. He’s ready to rekindle the fire, but she’s resistant. Then the reason walks through the door.

Anger. Betrayal. Regrets. All fades when Trey realizes he’s as much to blame for the situation, but that ends now. When he insists Kelly and TJ, their son, move in with him, she balks.

Kelly is determined to do things on her own, yet the life Trey offers on the Burstyn ranch is a far cry better than her shoddy condominium. He argues he’s in it for the long run, but perhaps a trial run over the holidays will help him realize that parenting isn’t for him.

Will their differences tear them apart… or will they find Christmas magic in each other’s arms?

EXCERPT:  Trey couldn’t take his eyes off the boy Kelly held as she spoke to the thin blonde at the door. At first he had been shocked that Kelly had a child. Then, as he studied the chubby little toddler, he was taken aback by how much the little guy looked like Samuel, his brother’s three-year-old son. Trey would even swear the boy had the Burstyns’ eyes, an undeniable crystal blue. But those weren’t the only similarities that made the hackles on the back of Trey’s neck stir. The toddler had shiny black hair, and damned if he didn’t have the same tuft of hair sticking up against his forehead that matched Trey’s. Poor kid. He’d fought that damn cowlick most of his life.

It was about that time Trey felt his knees grow weak. But what threatened to wipe his legs out from under him was when the woman called the boy Trey. Like a puzzle, the pieces fell into place.

Still he refused to accept the obvious. Instead he did the math to determine approximately when this child could have been conceived. Shit. If he guessed right, that would make conception right around the time of the Denver conference. But he had used a condom.

The last of the air in his lungs rushed out as he stared at the small image of himself—his son. Denying it would be futile.

Overwhelming emotions bombarded him all at once. Disbelief. Betrayal. Anger. Fury so hot that it surged through his veins like liquid fire. How long did Kelly plan to keep his son from him? If it hadn’t been for the bank incident he would have never known he had a son, let alone that they were living in the same city.

Kelly shut the door and turned to him, her face pallid. “We need to talk.” Her voice trembled.

He barely held his rage beneath a veneer of calm—the only thing stopping him from reaching out and strangling the woman. “Looks like the talking should have happened two years ago.” He set his Stetson upon the scarred coffee table before the couch.

TJ started to squirm in her arms. “Down.” But she held on to him with a death grip.

“I tried to contact you.”

Uh huh, he thought silently. Sure you did.

“Momma. Down.” The boy’s request turned into a cry. “Down. Down.”

She started to bounce him on her hip. “Shhh, sweetheart.”

“Let him down, Kelly. I’m not going to run off with him.” And neither was she.

Hesitating, she finally set the boy on his feet before glancing back up at Trey. “I didn’t know your last name, until today.”

“What about the hotel? The conference organizers?”

Her backbone stiffened defensively, but she didn’t raise her voice. “I did contact them. Privacy laws forbid them from giving me any information. You don’t have any idea how many times I heard that excuse. Plus I had no idea where you lived, worked.” With flames in her eyes, she ground her teeth together. “Whether you believe it or not, I did the best I could.”

TJ approached him, staring up at him curiously. He placed his tiny shoe on Trey’s boot and then stretched his arms. “Up.”

Trey’s heart thudded against his chest. He started to bend down and retrieve the toddler when Kelly’s coolness shattered. “No!” A panicked expression flashed on her face before it hardened, and then softened like her voice. “TJ, come to momma.” She took a step forward as Trey hauled the boy into his arms.

For a moment, she stood silently, her breathing labored, her eyes moist—from fear or possessiveness, he didn’t know—and at that precious second he didn’t care.

“Hey, buddy.” TJ smoothed his palm over Trey’s chin and laughed when he felt the small prickles of his beard. The boy’s childish giggle made Trey grin ear to ear. “So you think that’s funny.” He pressed his cheek next to the child’s and rubbed up and down like he did Samuel’s belly on occasion. TJ burst into a plethora of titters, causing Trey to laugh out loud.

“I should get him ready for bed,” Kelly said, holding out her arms expectantly.

“I think due to the circumstances, me spending a little time with my son warrants a later bedtime.”

“Yes, but—”

Trey shot her a look that he knew could curdle milk, because he’d used it on more occasions than he’d like to admit in his line of work to gain a person’s cooperation. It worked to quiet her, but it didn’t last long.

“I don’t want him falling asleep dirty. He needs a bath.” She inhaled deeply and released the breath, unaware that her robe had drifted apart again.

But his cock had noticed, and it firmed beneath his zipper. He let his gaze sweep down her. “I’ll give him a bath while you slip into something less comfortable.” He needed all his senses about him.

She glanced down where his eyes had stopped. “Dammit.” When TJ stared at her, she corrected herself. “I mean darn.” Licking her lips nervously, she glared at him. “Have you ever given a child a bath?”

“Kelly, I come from a big family—two older brothers, two younger sisters, two nephews and three nieces. I’ve given my share of baths and babysat. If you’ll show me to the bathroom I’ll take care of the rest.

Again she hesitated, staring at him like he’d grown two heads, before she finally gave in. “This way.”

Still holding TJ, he followed her up the stairs, his randy gaze locked on the gentle sway of her hips. By the time he made it to the top, his dick was so hard it was uncomfortable.

Didn’t that beat all? His was madder than hell at this woman and still couldn’t think past the desire to bed her.

“The first door on the left. I’ll get his pajamas and a towel.” She disappeared into another room as Trey started to slip off his son’s shoes. The little guy wiggled and squirmed, but fortunately Trey was able to get him undressed without any tears.

Quickly, he checked the sizes of his shoes and clothing. The boy needed a pair of real jeans and boots. He’d have to wing the fit of a cowboy hat. Turning on the faucets, he checked the temperature of the water. When it was lukewarm he set TJ down and the boy immediately started to wave his chubby arms and splash water to strike Trey in the face.

“I forgot to warn you that TJ is a wild man in the bathtub.” She set a diaper, a pair of footed, thermal pajamas and a worn towel on the commode. “His hair needs washed—”

“I can handle it.” The minute the sharp reply left his mouth he regretted it. If what Kelly said was true, she had attempted to contact him. He watched her walked away as he began to soap up the wild sea serpent dousing his father with more water.

In reality, his and Kelly’s night had consisted of partying with her friends and a couple of other conference-goers, and an attraction too strong to deny. Heavy petting led to a quick trip to his hotel room and the rest was history. She had completely worn him out, so much so that he had barely awakened in time to catch his flight. And he wasn’t free of fault either, because she had given him her number, but somewhere between the room, a taxi ride, and the airport he had lost the small piece of paper she’d written the information on. It could have happened any time he had withdrawn money from his pocket.

So clearly he was as much to blame as she, or maybe no one was to blame. Maybe they needed to chalk this one up to Murphy’s Law and just move forward.

After washing and rinsing TJ’s hair, he lifted his son out of the tub and wrapped him in the towel. The boy was in good spirits, jabbering incoherent gibberish that only another child would comprehend. It was beyond Trey.

“Momma!” He threw open his arms.

She smiled lovingly and reached out for him. “I’ll dress him.” He went willingly into her arms.

Trey snatched the diaper and pajamas off the commode before she could. Their eyes met. His determined. Hers weary. When she realized he wasn’t going away, she turned and walked into the bedroom and laid their child on the bed. Trey placed the boy’s clothes beside him.

As she bent over, the t-shirt she wore edged upward, displaying smooth, unblemished skin above the band of her jeans. Would it feel as soft as it had two years ago? She worked with expertise to clothe the ever-moving child as Trey scanned the room.

Her queen-size bed and dresser, which appeared to have several drawers off their tracks, were the only furniture and all that would fit in the cramped room. It sickened him to think what she might have gone through during this last two years. Had she been alone? Did she have family to help her? If so, why would she move away and obviously place herself and their child in financial straits?

“Dink,” TJ cried out.

Trey shot a questioning glanced at Kelly.

“He wants milk,” she answered before he could speak. “Sure, baby, let’s go downstairs.” Kelly heaved the heavy bundle into her arms.

“Here.” Trey extended his hands. “I’ll take him.” But his offer was met with defiance.

“I’m more than capable. Remember, I’ve been doing this for over a year, by myself.” Without saying another word, she spun on the balls of her bare feet and stomped from the room.

Zing! He felt that jab go straight to the heart, because Kelly was right. But dammit, it wasn’t his fault. Crestfallen, he followed her down the stairs and into a kitchen large enough for only one person to maneuver comfortably, which meant she bumped into him.

“Why don’t you go sit on the couch, watch some football or something,” she snapped.

“Okay. And I’ll take our son, so you can do what you have to in here.”

“I’ve been—”

“Yeah, I know. You’ve done this a million times, alone.” He took TJ from her arms and walked out of the room.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! From my family to yours.

Our turkey is in the oven baking. Snacks are out on the table. The weather is cloudy, but beautiful. And there is a Christmas movie on the television. I couldn’t ask for anything more than.

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope this day has been everything you want and more.

Hugs and cheers,

Mackenzie McKade

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

November 9, 2011

I’m writing feverishly to complete another Christmas story, but I’m running into two specific roadblocks. There are about three and five years old. I still haven’t mastered writing sex scenes or for that matter any scenes with two kids fighting over my IPAD or wanting different programs on television. I thought my babysitting days had ended, but it appears I’m sorely wrong. At least the house is quiet for the moment. One of my daughters took the rug-rats to get something to eat. I believe the plan is to send one kid off to school and the other to daycare for a couple hours, so grandma can accomplish something today.

I have until the 18th to write and get the story critiqued and edited, before shipping it off to the editor. Then she’ll have a round of edits that will take a couple days to work into the manuscript. In the meantime, I’ve lined someone up to do my cover. I’m so excited because this person is fantastic, and I believe this story could kick off a series. One that will probably have about three to four stories.

Since I missed the calendar for my publishing houses, I will self-published this book. So look for TIED IN A BOW early December. Of course, the title could change between now and then. LOL

Have a great hump day.


What A Night And Morning…

October 28, 2011

After writing 3.5k of my Christmas story, I went to my grandson’s football game last night. Amazingly, the nights have started to cool down here. Dressed in jeans and light sweater it was an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere, until I discovered I was sitting in gum. Yes. It true. Mackenzie McKade’s ass was stuck to the bleachers. LOL

The JV game was a hard fought battle. Each team took turns scoring, while their defensive lines struggled to defend their positions. My angel boy made a touchdown and my family and I went wild. We had a cowbell and blow horns that we let rip. Sometimes our team took the lead and other times the other team did, but in the end we conquered 35-25. Yay!!!!!

It was the last game of the season, but earlier this week the varsity coaches announced that they wanted my grandson to join them for tonight’s game. What a privilege and thrill for both my grandson and us. We don’t know how much or if Dusty will get to play, but you can bet we’ll be there to cheer him on. Which now brings me to this morning.

I didn’t realize all the writing I was doing would hit me so hard. I woke up this morning feeling like roadkill. It took a while to get into the swing of things and then the husband got up, announcing he was hungry. After 1k written words I waltzed off with him to get something to eat. Now I’m back at the computer wondering where to go from here. Probably the reason I am writing this blog, to keep from getting back to work. LOL

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Take care and we’ll chat later.


Busy! Busy!

October 26, 2011

Today is such a busy day. I’ve been up since 6:30 am working on cover art and a blurb for my book Irresistible releasing at Samhain Publishing, March 27, 2012. It took me approximately three hours, and I’m sure it will need some edits.

I hope all of you will enjoy this story of two people who have refused their mutual attraction since childhood. Years later they are thrown together due to some difficult circumstances, which also leads them to a joint vacation in the Big Horn mountains. Barriers fall and one steamy scene in the Jaccuzi is the result. <bg> But they have bigger problems ahead of them.

Next I went through a herd of emails, checked my FaceBook and Twitter, and then posted a couple of funny jokes, before turning to my new project–a Christmas story called Tingle All The Way. The short story has to be written and critiqued before November 5th for my editor at Ellora’s Cave. Eeek! I have approximately 8k written and I’m targeting 18-22k.

Just to give you a little hint what the book is about, if you have read A Very Faery Christmas you were introduced to Hector, the wood fairy. Well…He’s back and he’s stirring up more trouble and romance for a California prosecutor and attorney.

Other then the above, it’s just a normal day for me. I hope you have a great one!


New Release – BLUE MOON

September 27, 2011

Enjoy this excerpt from

Blue Moon

Copyright © 2011 Mackenzie McKade

All rights reserved ~ Samhain Publishing

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Facing the past can be brutal. Can Samantha face her nemeses and leave unscathed? Or will she live those dreadful memories all over again?


Two years ago Samantha Dawson had everything she wanted—a close family, a promising career, and a man she loved. Until the fateful night before her oldest sister’s wedding, a night of celebration and too much alcohol that tore her world apart. Devastated, she fled Oregon for Phoenix.

Now she’s home for her little sister’s wedding, and just her luck, the best man is her ex-boyfriend. Worse, no one involved in that ugly night seems to want to let the past die an ugly death.

Kyle Ackland has no memory of the events that destroyed his life, but he’ll never forget the woman who set his body on fire. Sam’s emotional barriers are a solid as the Cascade Mountains, but he’s determined to chip them away one sensual kiss at a time.

Yet even if he succeeds, what’s left of their love could crumble under the weight of past sins…and present secrets.



“Don’t touch me!” If he did…her heart would shatter.

Pulse throbbing, wide-eyed, Samantha glared at the achingly familiar man standing far too close for her comfort. An onlooker might take her reaction as anger, but it was pure, unadulterated fear that drove her. If Kyle Ackland laid one finger on her, her resolve would dissolve.

“Sam, please.”

Please? How could he sound so sorrowful? Look so hurt? Even his eyes seemed to glisten with unshed tears.

Sam raised her head and looked him straight in the eye. “No! I’m only back for Jennifer’s wedding and then I’m leaving.” She licked her suddenly dry lips.

A commotion in her mother’s kitchen, voices rising and doors opening and closing, briefly stole her attention. The caterer must have arrived. Soon the house would be filled with guests, but her immediate problem was shaking her past long enough to get through this day.

A pent-up breath squeezed from between Sam’s pinched lips.

Why oh why did her youngest sister have to fall in love with Kyle’s best friend, Brad Collingsworth? And why, after all that had happened, had Jennifer insisted Sam be her matron of honor?

For all intents and purposes, Sam was perfectly happy living in Phoenix—alone. Okay. Maybe that was a lie, but she had found a semblance of peace. She got up each morning, went to work, and came home without a thought of Kyle. The nights were a different story.

Inching sideways to put distance between them, she swallowed hard. “Let’s just get through this awkward situation as reasonably as we can. Okay?”

What a laugh.

The sense of déjà vu rose so quickly it almost choked her. Had it been two years ago? Another wedding, her eldest sister, Cathy’s wedding. The thought of her sibling’s betrayal still left a bad taste in Sam’s mouth, but it took two to tango. Kyle was as much to blame as Cathy. Sam hadn’t been the only one hurt that night.

Kyle eased back, threading his fingers through thick black hair that fell in waves on top. “We need to talk.”

Sam looked up into his crystal blue eyes and shook her head once again. “We’ve talked.” In all reality she had been too hurt to believe that what she had seen wasn’t real. She swallowed hard, refusing to relive that horrible day. “There’s nothing left to say.”

God. She couldn’t bear to be this close to him. Feel the heat of his body, smell his sandalwood cologne. He hadn’t changed, still the epitome of maleness. If anything his chest was broader, more muscular. Firm thighs wrapped seductively in blue denim were almost enough to send her into meltdown. Almost. But it wasn’t going to happen.

“Two years ago you wouldn’t listen to me.” The veins in his throat tensed, bulged. He moved closer, sending her pulse into high gear. “Sam, I don’t know how Cathy got into my bed that night. I was drunk. We were all drunk.”

Yeah. It had been quite a party—a celebration not to be forgotten.

Sam closed her eyes to vanquish the memory of walking into Kyle’s room the next morning and finding her sister, naked, sleeping peacefully in his arms.

The scene that followed hadn’t been a pretty one. When George, Cathy’s fiancé, stepped into the room, all hell broke loose.

Sam had sat numbly through all the possibilities of how Cathy could have mistakenly wandered into Kyle’s room. She had wanted to believe them. Her sister could be a royal bitch. They had never gotten along, but Kyle had never given Sam any reason to doubt his word. Yet when George had asked if they had fucked, Cathy and Kyle fell silent. Sam remembered pushing to her feet and walking toward Kyle.

“I don’t remember what happened,” he admitted. “But even drunk I would never betray you.”

The rest was a blur. Her hand rose on its own accord, palm cracking across his cheek. The last thing she recalled from that day was running from the room. Funny. But it felt as if she was still running and getting nowhere fast.

A squeaking door forced her eyelids open.

“Oh.” Her mother pulled to an abrupt stop. Wringing her hands, she looked from Sam to Kyle. “I…uhhh…well…” She forced a smile that didn’t reach her eyes. “Kyle, could you help Brad direct the vehicles outside? It’s becoming a parking lot. Everyone decided to arrive at once.”

“Of course, Mary.” Kyle paused to glance back at Sam. His lips parted as if he would say more, but didn’t. Instead, he headed for the door and disappeared outside.

With hastened steps, her mother closed the distance between them. Tender fingertips brushed back a strand of Sam’s elbow-length blonde hair behind an ear. “Honey, are you okay?”

Sam inhaled an audible breath. On an exhale, she blurted, “I can’t do this.” Every nerve inside her felt strung tight, ready to burst. She tried to swallow, but the knot in her throat wouldn’t move. “I didn’t think it would be this difficult.” A single tear broke through her defenses. She swatted at the wayward emotion. “I’m leaving.”

“For God’s sake, Samantha, get a hold of yourself.” Her mother’s raised voice skated over Sam’s skin like an ice pick. “This has gone on for too long. You haven’t spoken to Cathy in over two years. It kills me to have this rift between my children.”

“Well, Mom—” Heat singed Sam’s face as she came eye-to-eye with her mother. “It killed me to find my sister in bed with my fiancé.” The words came out on a rush of anger.

Her mother’s slender body flinched, but it didn’t stop her from continuing. “Honey, Cathy’s changed. Can’t you let it go?”

Why couldn’t anyone see her side? Was she truly supposed to just kiss and make up with Cathy? Forgive Kyle? Maybe in her mother’s time women let men walk all over them—Lord knows their father did when he was alive—but not Sam. She had more backbone.

Fists clenched, she glared at her mother and a surge of pity rose, softening her fury. Once, her mother had been young, beautiful, but time had carved its presence. The light had gone out of her signature blue eyes. The luster waned from her sable hair that used to be so like Jennifer’s beautiful mass. Living with a selfish, unfaithful man had taken its toll. Sadly, his lingering fight with cancer hadn’t been easy on any of them.

“No. I can’t let it go.” Sam spun around just as Jennifer opened the kitchen door and waltzed through it. When she saw Sam she released a squeal. All smiles, she ran into Sam’s arms, pushing an umph from Sam’s mouth.

“You’re here! When did you get here? Have you seen Brad? I’m so happy you’re home.” Moisture glistened in Jennifer’s sparkling eyes. “Thank you.” She kissed Sam’s cheek. Not once or twice, but three times in quick little pecks. “Thank you for coming home.”

Their mother flashed Sam an anxious expression that seemed to say Are you going to break your sister’s heart? Ruin the best day of her life?

Sam held Jennifer close to hide her apprehension, her uncertainty about returning. Could she make it through the next two days? Face Kyle several more times before Saturday? He would be underfoot 24/7. Because of the two-hour drive between his home and theirs, her mother had been forced to offer him one of the bedrooms.

The least he could have done was reject the offer and taken a room in a hotel. But nooo, that would have been too easy on her.

And what about Cathy?

When Jennifer choked on another heartfelt thank you, Sam knew she had no choice.

Emotion stinging her eyes, Sam squared her shoulders, and with a final hug, she released her hold on Jennifer. “I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the world.” She also didn’t miss the relief filtering across her mother’s face or that of her sister’s.

Jennifer cleared her throat. “Sam.” The note of hesitancy in her voice was a glaring red flag, setting off warning signals aplenty. “You know Cathy is com—”

“I’m dying to see your gown.” Sam weaved her arm through Jennifer’s. “Let’s go upstairs.”

She needed to escape, needed peace and quiet to gather her thoughts and make sure her barriers were firmly in place. But peace and quiet would have to wait.


Available Now – Deadly Desires (Wicked Read #7)

September 25, 2011

Enjoy this excerpt from

Deadly Desires

Copyright © 2011 Mackenzie McKade

All rights reserved ~ Mackenzie McKade

What would you be willing to do to save those you love—and yourself?


Princess Maya never expected to see the man who took her virginity and walked away with her heart. But now duty forces her to choose between him or a cruel czar who’s already buried two wives.

Alexander Braxton still craves the woman who haunts his dreams, and he needs her father’s alliance for his vulnerable planet. But Maya would rather have his head on a pike than in her bed, and who can blame her?

Yet if they can’t put the past behind them and work together, the czar will tear their worlds apart. Can Alex and Maya rediscover the love that first brought them together?



Heart pounding, Maya Caine flashed the two guards dressed in blue-and-gold livery a withering scowl. Twice her size, Loni and Raul parted like the Dark Rift or “Black Road” that divided the Milky Way, giving her a wide berth. Maya suspected the piece of glimmering steel at her hip, and the fact that she had bested these two in training, was a determining factor to their acquiescence.

Either way she would speak to her father. Now.

Chancellor Waitings, a balding, rotund and rather self-important man, stepped between her and the magnificent twelve-foot doors to her father’s office. As she attempted to skirt around him, his hand jutted out, barely skimming her arm. At his cold touch she whirled around, firing her glower upon him.

“Princess, your father is occupied with—”

“Out of my way.”

Maya crammed the fencing mask she held against his chest with a thud. He made a deep throaty sound, staggering backward.

“I will speak to him.” Fingers curled into a fist, she punched the large plate on the wall to activate the doors. As they slid open a burst of air left her lungs in a rush. “How could you? Tell me it isn’t so.”

King Edward Caine slowly stretched his imposing six-two, solid physique from behind the intricately carved desk where he sat. “Maya, can this wait? Now is not the—”

“When was I to be told?” Holding her temper behind a thin wall of resentment, she sucked in a taut breath. “Before or after the wedding to that-that hideous creature?”

Her father’s eyes gaped. From zero to three seconds his serene face burned as red as his wavy hair. His palms slapping the wood surface before him made her jump.

Daughter! You will remember who you speak to.” Leaning ominously forward, he shot a piercing glare she should have heeded, but dammit she was upset.

Maya squared her shoulders for the battle brewing in her father’s raging green eyes, so like her own. Hot silence stretched between them. That is until someone behind her cleared his throat and she blinked, breaking the mental struggle she engaged in with her sire.

Annoyed by the intrusion, she spun around. Instead of issuing the demand to leave them that was perched on the tip of her tongue, her mouth went dry. It felt like minutes instead of seconds before she found her voice.

“You!” Bitterness spewed past her lips as she glared at Shannon Braxton, the first Prince of Tulipa.

Arms crossed over an impressive broad chest, the man she hoped never to see again hiked one golden eyebrow over a midnight-blue eye. The bane of her existence dared to wink at her before he smiled.

A growl rumbled past her teeth as she bared them with a snarl. Her reaction was automatic. Splaying her clenched fingers, she went for her sword.

“Maya!” Her father’s sharp reprimand halted her blade, but it did nothing for the fiery haze burning across her mind.

Shannon brought out the worst in her. And the best, her foolish conscience pricked her sensibilities. She shook her head, trying to erase the memory of what he had once meant to her.

Marry the very man who broke her heart and betrayed her? A pang in her chest made her gasp. How could she live having him in her bed, again? And that was the crux of all her anger… And pain.

Gathering her control, she raised her chin and faced her father. “I have bent to your will once before.” She thought of her betrothed’s death no more than a month ago and her resolve firmed. “God deemed I remain single. I will not be a tool used for political gain.” Even as she spoke, Maya knew arranged marriages were the very reason her father had borne girls. Not to say he didn’t love her and her sisters, but history had a way of repeating itself, even in the twenty-third century.

In this day and age, the sex of a child could be manipulated. After three male heirs to her father’s title, he had begun to accumulate female children. Three in total. Ties through marriage were invaluable.

Embarrassment tightened her father’s features. Her obstinacy dishonored him. There would be hell to pay. But if she could stop this ludicrous union the price would be worth the cost.

At one time she would have welcomed their joining, but she had been just a teenager. She glanced over her shoulder at Shannon’s large hands, hands that had stroked her body until she burned out of control. Her chest squeezed with the memories she thought buried and gone. Clearly, she was wrong.

“Banish me to Earth.” Her request came out rushed. There she would have the right to choose a husband.

Anger flickered in Shannon’s eyes, quickly shielded behind an expression of indifference. “I take it you have not revealed her plight, as well as her sisters’.” The smooth caress of his baritone voice turned her nerve endings raw, needy.

Curse him to the twin moons. She didn’t need this, not now. It didn’t help that he wore boots, tight black leather pants, a matching vest that displayed every bulging muscle and a broad chest that would make any woman swoon. Even the sword around his slender hips and the knife and laser strapped to his waist gave him a sexy, dangerous mien. Thankfully the breastplate buried beneath her white fencing jacket hid her blatant arousal. She would not fall into his deceitful web again.

Did he say sisters?

Worry lines etched in her father’s forehead did not bode well. “There was no time.” Coming from around his desk, he attempted to draw Maya into his arms, but she was lithe, moving beyond his reach.

Dammit. She was mad at him. If he touched her, held her, she might lose the grip she had on her indignation, the only thing holding her together. Drifting toward the large, oval conference table, Maya attempted to quell the tremor that started in her hands by clenching her fists again.

Her insolence should have had her father foaming at the mouth, but something changed in his demeanor. He looked upon her with love and compassion, feelings that spiked her anxiety. It didn’t help that an ill wind whispered through the French doors, disturbing the reddish-brown curtains and sweeping across the large chamber to fill the room with the bittersweet scent of the hufla flowers that lined the terrace. The white shark-teeth blossoms shouldn’t be blooming this time of year in the rugged desert of Zyrian, but due to the cooler weather things were off kilter, including her.


“Honey.” His voice softened. “Your hand has been requested by the Czar of Mannoth. Rexial is seeking an alliance between us.”

Maya flinched, frowning. She couldn’t have heard him correctly.

But as his words pushed past her bewilderment, her heart beat a rapid staccato. The idea of marriage to Rexial would be laughable if it wasn’t so terrifying. Twice he had wed and twice his wives had met with unfortunate accidents. Within months the Czar had taken over their home planets, killing their leaders.

Fear iced her veins. The thought of her family and home ravished by the cruel dictator was inconceivable.

“I have arranged marriages for you and your sisters to prevent him from infiltrating our family and lands. Your safety is of my utmost concern. You must wed Braxton immediately.”

The breath she didn’t know she held released in a whoosh. Hungrily she filled her lungs, but it wasn’t enough. Each breath was faster and deeper than the next, until the room began to spin. The floor tilted. Her knees buckled and everything went dark.

When her eyelids rose she found herself wrapped in Shannon’s strong embrace. Only then did she notice the puffy, dark areas beneath his eyes as if he hadn’t slept for days. His shoulder-length ebony hair was mussed. Beard stubble prickled his arrogant chin and jaw. He looked like hell. She fought the urge to brush back a tendril that fell across one eye. Instead, she pushed out of his arms and got to her feet.

The heat of embarrassment swarmed across her cheeks. Nice and slow, she breathed, until the storm in her head calmed and she could speak again.

“You would throw yourself upon my sword to protect me from a marriage worse than death.” Because death would surely follow if she wed Mannoth’s ruler.

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Wicked in Whispering Cove – Dr. Danica Mitchell’s Interview

August 24, 2011

Wicked in Whispering Cove by Nikki Duncan

I’m in Whispering Cove today talking with Dr. Danica Mitchell, formerly Dr. Kent. Between you and me, I’m hoping she’ll be a little more forthcoming than her Whispering Cove counterparts who’ve been interviewed this week.

Interviewer: Thanks for joining me today, Dani. I know you’re between patients so I’ll make this quick.
Dani: No problem. My next patient is family now. He’s wily, but he’s not going anywhere.

Interviewer: I’m guessing from the fondness in your tone that Byron is your next appointment.
Dani: He is.

Interviewer: Is he still meddling and matchmaking?
Dani: *laughing* He’s taken a break on the matchmaking, though I’m not sure how much longer that will last.

Interviewer: Why’s that?
Dani: He keeps making noises that if Braydon and I don’t hurry up and give him a great grandchild he’s going to find a new couple to be his honorary grandchildren. A couple who won’t let him down.

Interviewer: *laughing at his antics* He is direct in his non-direct way. Now let me be direct in my direct way. Are you and Braydon working on a family?
Dani: I’ll tell you what we tell Byron. We already are a family. 😉

Interviewer: You think you’re so vague, but I’ve heard you’ve been spending a lot of time out on the boat. I’ll find out your secrets soon enough.
Dani: Maybe. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my private sailing trips with my new husband.

Interviewer: I can’t blame you for that. Now tell me, other than your newlywed bliss, what’s going on in Whispering Cove? What’s this festival I’m hearing people talk about?
Dani: The fall festival. It’s a huge party we do every year at the close of tourist season. I really missed it while I was gone.

Interviewer: Is it for the tourists or the townspeople?
Dani: Both. Tourists love it. We have booths for everyone’s entertainment. Music, face painting, pony rides, a dunking booth. I’ve heard rumors this year of a kissing booth and psychic booth. Oh and Hauk is talking about setting the bar up as a haunted house, so that should be a good time.

Interviewer: That does sound like a great time.
Dani: *laughing* What it sounds like is a great excuse for Errol, Harold and Byron to get back into matchmaking.

Interviewer: You think they will?
Dani: Wouldn’t put it past them. And before you ask, yes I have my suspicion on who Byron will target. And no, I’m not telling.

Interviewer: And I was hoping for something revealing from you.
Dani: I can reveal with certainty that whoever he targets will thank him. After they’ve been married for a year or two. Or more. Braydon and I are thinking about waiting until our fifth anniversary to thank him.

Interviewer: I think he’d say he didn’t need any thanks. Well, other than a baby to bounce on his knee.
Dani: I think you’re right. *checks incoming text message* Listen, I need to run. Hauk says Sophie’s not feeling well. It was great catching up with you.

Well, I didn’t get anything real revealing, but my guess from the look on Dani’s face is that Hauk will be one of Byron’s next target. I wonder who he’ll match with him, though.

If you haven’t already, visit Whispering Cove and get ready for the next stories Burned, Brazen and Bold …in Whispering Cove. WICKED is now available and can be found digitally at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, Sony, and Smashwords. All the pertinent links can be found here.”

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