FEISTY, FIERY, and FLIRTY (Whispering Cove) Now Available

I’m so thrilled to announce that Cathryn Fox, Nikki Duncan, and my fourth Whispering Cove anthology is now available. Below is a blurb of each story, I hope you enjoy them.

FeistyFEISTY by Mackenzie McKade (Whispering Cove, Book 10)

Type: eBook

Genre: Contemporary, Red Hots!!!

Length: Novella/Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-61922-104-8

Buy Now: Samhain / Amazon / Barnes&Noble

Tagline: As the campfire dies down, one couple’s desire is just heating up.

Blurb:  Sun, sand, water and cold beer is just what construction worker Devon Taylor is looking for. The first beach party of the season means fun pickin’s for a bachelor, especially when a volleyball-playing, redheaded beauty in a teeny tiny string bikini captures his attention.

When he learns she’s the sister of a soon-to-be-married friend, in town two weeks early to help with the wedding, his hopes for a wild night locked in her arms are dashed.

Real estate developer Sahara Caan is a woman not to be ignored. She knows what—or rather, whom—she wants, and tonight she is hell bent on getting the sexy bachelor out of his swimming trunks and into her bed.

What can Devon say? After all, he’s just a man.

Their night spent together is earthshattering. Who knew that a laid-back construction worker could so thoroughly turn her world upside-down? But when their different lives clash and good intentions turn sour, it will take a miracle to keep their love nailed together.


Fiery72lgFIERY by Nikki Duncan (Whispering Cove, Book 11)

Type: eBook

Genre: Contemporary, Red Hots!!!

Length: Novella/Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-61922-104-8

Buy Now: Samhain / Amazon / Barnes&Noble

Tagline: The one way they don’t rub each other wrong is in each other’s arms.

Blurb: Carmen Smith’s artist’s eye saw inspiration wherever she glanced as soon as she set foot on the cobbled streets of Whispering Cove, and among the inspiration she’s found the slower pace she always hoped for.

But as warm as her new life is, she harbors a secret dream to find a man who sees her as an equal and who loves her for who she is, rather than out of charity. The man she’s been partnered with to re-design the town square gets her fired up—but not in a way she expected.

Ryan Alden gave up his military career to help his father with the family business. He’s accepted his place in Whispering Cove, but still feels like an outsider at times. When he meets the bombshell babe with a vintage flare who challenges him like no other, he glimpses the life he has always longed for—but not in a way he anticipated.

From the get-go, they clash like oil and watercolor. And a relationship that looked good on paper might not be the right composition at all…


Flirty72lgFLIRTY by Cathryn Fox (Whispering Cove, Book 12)

Type: eBook

Genre: Contemporary, Red Hots!!!

Length: Novella/Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-61922-104-8

Buy Now: Samhain / Amazon / Barnes&Noble

Tagline: A summer fling so hot, it can raise spirits…

Blurb: Home renovation specialist Alexis Miller thought snapping up an old Victorian fixer-upper in podunk Whispering Cove would put her on the fast track to proving herself to her brothers.
She can handle cooling her heels to wait for the right permits. It’s the ghosthunter claiming he needs to spend the night to check out the “cold spots” that’s got her body temperature fluctuating.

When Sam Doherty responds to an emergency phone call to cleanse a haunted house in Whispering Cove, the first thing he notices is how Alexis hides her femininity behind baggy coveralls—and how she wants to cover up the old home’s beauty with modern frills. As a guy who “sees” things others can’t, he sets out to teach her to appreciate the hidden beauty, inside and out.

Scary noises soon send Alexis into Sam’s arms, and when a kiss leads to passionate lovemaking, Alexis wonders if it’s possible to find common ground in this small town. Or, once the house is “clean”, if Sam will disappear faster than a ghostly apparition.

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