A Night Owl Review…

Christmas Showdown
Burstyn Blue series, Book 1

Publisher: Mackenzie McKade

Tags: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Seasonal / Holiday


“Their eyes met across a crowded room…” That’s basically how it happened when Kelly first laid eyes on Trey. They had a glorious night, she gave him her number, and then nothing. Well, a few months later Kelly discovers she is pregnant and wouldn’t you know it, the man she gave her number to didn’t share his last name. But then again, neither did she. She makes an effort to find him, is blocked by privacy laws, and so she lives her life with her precious reminder.

Trey never forgot Kelly, but his attempts to locate her are fruitless. Then chance throws her in his path and this time he’s determined to find out what makes her special. He gets more than he bargained for when he finds out she was left with a permanent reminder of their night of passion. And while initially angry at his loss he quickly realizes no one is at fault and that now is the time to go for what he wants. Not just his son but the woman who he is beginning to recognize as his one and only. Now how does he convince her?

If two people were ever meant to be together it was Kelly and Trey. Life just kept throwing up roadblocks and now that the path is clear they have additional obstacles such as suspicious family members and personal reservations. I loved Trey’s family, including his father. He kind of crossed the line but it was a beautiful illustration of how a family pulls together. While Trey and Kelly’s initial exposure was limited they both felt the stirrings of something more, and while having a child clouded things it soon became clear that what they had was real and this was their chance to have a lifetime together. Can’t wait for more stories about the Burstyn family.

8 Responses to “A Night Owl Review…”

  1. Dee says:

    Anymore books planned in this series for 2012?

  2. Binod says:

    I knew this was a hot-button issue, given the number of conmemts on the original post, but haven’t had time to sit down and wade through everything until now. I have to say I am stunned that such a mean, inflammatory statement was allowed into an article in this magazine, which has seemed to be so favorable to R/K! Her last photoshoot with them was so beautiful, they should be thanking her for the magazines she helped sell and instead, they send this so-called journalist to interview her boyfriend, and insult her with a backhanded, snarky comment. Where are the proofreaders and editors?? The interview itself is actually entertaining, but the intro just ruins the whole thing. That statement would be insulting to anyone, but to write it about someone widely known (to those of us with eyes and common sense, anyways) that K is R’s girlfriend–it’s almost like they’re trying to bait R/K into talking about it. It’s amateur and unprofessional. The only saving grace is that incredible picture of Rob. *wiping drool off chin* Sorry for such a long post, but I’m feeling very offended for our bb girl!!

  3. My favorite use of machine embroidery on a quilt was the assorted names on tags on blocks that look like Christmas packages. My most frequent use of machine embroidery is on the quilt labels.

  4. I love the print on that dress, and the brilliant flowers in your garden! You did an excellent job of matching the sassy dolls in the magazines with their real life counterparts! I miss cool illustrations in magazines too!

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  6. Het dorp heeft zich onlangs in een poll duidelijk genoeg uitgesproken voor behoud van de vijver!! Met een beetje hulp van de Gemeente moet dat toch mogelijk zijn?!

  7. Sadly, living in Maine we have a very short peach season. My favorite memories of peaches are when I went to Georgia to visit my great aunt as a child, and the peaches were so very ripe and plentiful! I just remember being so shocked that the peaches were just so good and not mealy or hard. I love to eat peaches as they are, or with a generous helping of Breyer's natural vanilla. Soooooo good!

  8. http://www./ says:

    Faith I’ve been one of your biggest fans for most of my life.I wish you the best of luck on your new release.God Bless you and your family

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