I Love Weekends

I’ve been out of work for over two years now, but the weekends still seem special to me. I have no idea what it is, but there is always an excitement in me when they approach. It’s funny, but I feel more carefree than I do during the weekend. Yet this weekend is rather busy, less calming than I would prefer.

Friday started out with a bang. I have a dog who is approximately sixteen. She is so precious to me. A couple of months ago a lump started to grow near her eye. I’ve been scared to death to take her to the vet. Well, our other dog decided that he would clean her up and irritated the area, so I broke down and took her to the doctor. The good news is the lump is not on her eyelid. The vet doesn’t believe it’s cancer, which is a huge relief to me. I’ve made plans to have the thing removed next Tuesday. In the meantime I have to keep the dogs separated, which is a whole different problem. Hubby and I went down last night to purchase gate/fencing material, so I believe that is what we’ll be doing this weekend.

Also last night hubby and I went with our youngest daughter to pick up her new car, a beautiful IS250 Lexus. She was ear to ear smiles, but I know it bothered her to turn in her one ton truck. At heart, she’s a country girl and loves her truck. But she is also a planner. Diesel at the current rising gas prices is killing her. Hopefully this car will help her get where she wants to be in the near future.

Today we have a neighbor meeting and picnic. This could mean good or bad news. We have a few people within our neighbor you occasionally stir up trouble. I’m really praying this is just a meet and greet opportunity. But needless to say I’m a little uneasy. Not to mention, we are looking at breaking three digits in the weather today. Our street has setup, cooking, and cleanup duty. Doesn’t standing around a hot grill in 100 degree weather sound fun? Yippee!

I also have a book to complete this month. I thought perhaps I’d get a little writing done on Bound By A Secret (Clancy’s story). It’s 8:14 am and the house is nice and quiet. I’ve been up for two hours doing emails, etc., and even done a some writing. When I get blocked I look for things to do–like blogging. So you all are my break away from writing. LOL But now it is time to get back to the grindstone.

Take care everyone and have a fantastic weekend.


2 Responses to “I Love Weekends”

  1. Katil says:

    omg Kurt Vonnegut has nothing on this woman. Crazy. On a hapeipr note, Alex I’m wishing you all the best for your beautiful and romantic wedding trip! How wonderful!

  2. http://www./ says:

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