Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

I’m writing feverishly to complete another Christmas story, but I’m running into two specific roadblocks. There are about three and five years old. I still haven’t mastered writing sex scenes or for that matter any scenes with two kids fighting over my IPAD or wanting different programs on television. I thought my babysitting days had ended, but it appears I’m sorely wrong. At least the house is quiet for the moment. One of my daughters took the rug-rats to get something to eat. I believe the plan is to send one kid off to school and the other to daycare for a couple hours, so grandma can accomplish something today.

I have until the 18th to write and get the story critiqued and edited, before shipping it off to the editor. Then she’ll have a round of edits that will take a couple days to work into the manuscript. In the meantime, I’ve lined someone up to do my cover. I’m so excited because this person is fantastic, and I believe this story could kick off a series. One that will probably have about three to four stories.

Since I missed the calendar for my publishing houses, I will self-published this book. So look for TIED IN A BOW early December. Of course, the title could change between now and then. LOL

Have a great hump day.


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