Busy! Busy!

Today is such a busy day. I’ve been up since 6:30 am working on cover art and a blurb for my book Irresistible releasing at Samhain Publishing, March 27, 2012. It took me approximately three hours, and I’m sure it will need some edits.

I hope all of you will enjoy this story of two people who have refused their mutual attraction since childhood. Years later they are thrown together due to some difficult circumstances, which also leads them to a joint vacation in the Big Horn mountains. Barriers fall and one steamy scene in the Jaccuzi is the result. <bg> But they have bigger problems ahead of them.

Next I went through a herd of emails, checked my FaceBook and Twitter, and then posted a couple of funny jokes, before turning to my new project–a Christmas story called Tingle All The Way. The short story has to be written and critiqued before November 5th for my editor at Ellora’s Cave. Eeek! I have approximately 8k written and I’m targeting 18-22k.

Just to give you a little hint what the book is about, if you have read A Very Faery Christmas you were introduced to Hector, the wood fairy. Well…He’s back and he’s stirring up more trouble and romance for a California prosecutor and attorney.

Other then the above, it’s just a normal day for me. I hope you have a great one!


11 Responses to “Busy! Busy!”

  1. Jawaya says:

    I went to the Cove several years ago and it was a celpmote blessings. The Cove allows you to put every thing aside and truly focus on God. The way it should be. Just the peace in God beautiful country!! Praying for Bro. Graham .listened to him all my life and he also a great blessing to every one he meets. God bless him and his family.

  2. Wow, that’s a really clever way of thinking about it!

  3. questa fase della democrazia è finita. non è più adatta alla nuova generazione. occorre cambiare. la gente è diventata schiava dei soldi solo dei soldi. occorre cambiare. dobbiamo tornare a vivere e a goderci le ns. giornate. non ci devono comandare le borse e le assicurazioni

  4. Shoot, so that’s that one supposes.

  5. I think Diwali is more about oil bath, sweets, savouries and visit to relatives places. It is also about flaunting your dresses. In north most light up diyas. They may decorate with electric lights too.Children enjoy crackers. We buy the branded variety only. Though may be costing more.

  6. http://www./ says:

    I think I would die a little if I came in on one of my crew eating out of the frying pan! lol I surely would not be able to take pics, because if I didn’t kill over then they certainly would when I got done with them.It is cute to see yours getting into stuff they shouldn’t though

  7. Nope. They clearly state that their services are isolated per Region. You can’t use their Elastic Load Balancers and Auto-Scaling groups across Regions. If you wanted to go across Regions, you would need a 3rd party Global Load Balancer in place. Data replication would need to be dealt with as well.

  8. nah lewat cerita aku kan jadi tahu sorong dan sekitarnya…terutama jangan makan rajungan “mahal”…..ada mesjid yang penuh pe keluar klo jum’at….ada 350 sumur bor yang jelas bukan nambang air…siiiiiiiiiiiiiiip deh

  9. What is the “reciprocal of love”? With a hat-tip to Left Field, the evolutionary biologist, I’m mathematically inclined, so it sounds like “1/love” to me. As love increases, the “reciprocal of love” decreases.

  10. Haha love these tips–and that photo! I’d say my biggest tip is never, EVER bash someone’s holiday traditions. People get really attached to the quirky, strange things they do around the holidays with their fam each year (myself included), so you’ll probably insult a few people if you turn your nose up to caroling or sitting on Santa’s lap on Christmas Eve!

  11. http://www./ says:

    My guess is that someone noticed that the eyes look just like the plastic bump feet on kitchen doors or chopping boards, gave the fish an extra "eye" and circulated a photo for fun. Then someone sent it to a journo with story and t grew from there.

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