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Born and raised in Arizona, I guess you’d call me a desert rat. Well, actually, I’d be a desert rat that loves the mountains and lakes. Arizona gives me great pleasure, because if I’m not at the computer writing or buried nose deep in a book you’ll find me on a four-wheeler, or a jet ski, or being pulled behind my 26’ Monterey boat on an oblong tube called a ‘hot dog’ laughing my ass off. In fact, my family says I have an unnerving cackle cutting through the waves—similar to a witch!

Yes, that’s right this witch has a family… Bill is my wonderful husband of twenty-nine years. Tia, Samantha and Ashley are my three beautiful girls and my greatest accomplishments to date. And the light of my life are three devilishly handsome grandsons, who keep me active chasing them.

As writing is a passion with many—it’s an obsession with me. Who knew that the wild things going on in my head someone would actually read? But I’m thankful you do and I hope you find joy and entertainment in my sometimes—okay most of the time—risqué ramblings.


As an avid mystery reader, my desire to write only surfaced in 2001 when devouring yet another Iris Johansen book. It was then that I had an epiphany. “I can do this. I can write a book.” How hard could it be anyway? I could solve the “who-dun-it” on CSI usually within the first five to fifteen minutes. I was a shoe-in.

Dark Secrets, a single titled, Paranormal Mystery was born a year later. Hurrah, I was a writer.

Then one day I accidentally pick up Christine Feehan’s Dark Fire, a paranormal romance. But, I didn’t read romance. After that one book I was hooked. Heart of a Warrior, a historical romance, was written in the next three months. This was easy.

Much to my surprise and disappointment there was more than putting fingers to keyboard. Things like style, plot, and the dread POV (point of view). Who knew that everyone’s POV could not be expressed in a book, not to mention in every other sentence. That was my introduction to head-hopping and apparently I was a pro at it.

A local bookstore recommended Romance Writers’ of America. My husband told me either I go on my own, or he would go for me. I joined the Arizona Chapter in March 2002, and I’ll never regreted it. In fact, I recommend it to any aspiring writer.

With my next historical “A Gentleman’s Choice,” I took more care in how it was written. I love historicals, as everyone who has seen my library can attest to. (Pictures soon to follow.)

So why do I write erotic romance? Because it’s hot! Yes, I mean in the industry and sensually. Also when I attempted to pitch my historical in 2004, I had an agent who said, “Historicals just aren’t selling. Can you write erotica?”

I have never laughed and blushed so much in my life writing erotica. It’s freeing, allows me to push the envelope. Not to mention fantasize (which is the majority of content in my book—not derived from actual experience. Darn!) I must have found my niche, because since December 2004, I have sold two novels and a novella to Ellora’s Cave.

It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a helluva ride. I hope you will join me as I venture down the path of fantasy and intrigue, because it can only get more exciting…


Just about anything… But you won’t want to miss it. Keep checking back and I promise to have more fun and interesting things to entertain you.

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